• Agile
  • Javascript
  • Typescript
  • Node.js
  • HTML
  • JAVA
  • Scala
  • PHP
  • Mongodb
  • MySql
  • ElasticSearch
  • Solr


  • Improves quality of your code
  • Type checking at runtime
  • Fully extensible
  • TDD driven
  • Custom DI
  • Modules
  • Component based
  • Twig (swigjs) templating engine
  • Dynamic routing
  • Logger
  • Controller inheritance

09-06-2015 19:01:48

TDD in mvcjs

It is very important to test your application correctly
By my opinion application should have unit tests, integration tests and end to end tests. 

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09-06-2015 18:57:44

Modules in mvcjs

A module is a self-contained software unit that consists of models, views, controllers and other supporting components. In many aspects, a module resembles to an application.

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09-06-2015 18:39:50

Views in mvcjs

By default templates are served from @{viewsPath}/default/ if theme is not set in config.js
You can set theme for you application if you need it you can do it in config.js.
If template is setted framework will search first template in @{viewsPath}/THEME_NAME/
if template is not found framework will throw error 500 with explanation.

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09-06-2015 17:45:38

Models in mvcjs

db/mongo is responsible for connection to mongodb Mongoose lib is used to handle models

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09-06-2015 17:16:57

Controllers in mvcjs


  • Controllers can be inherited.
  • Controllers are loaded only once on request when is needed.
  • Controllers are instantiated on each request.
  • Easy to test.
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02-06-2015 22:47:50

Components in mvcjs

Components host a set of the so-called application components that provide different services for processing requests. 
For example, the core/router component is responsible for routing Web requests to appropriate controllers; the core/db component provides mogodb services; and so on. 
All components are singleton objects in system.

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02-06-2015 22:34:36


When Mvcjs starts processing a requested URL, the first step it takes is to parse the URL into a route The route is then used to instantiate the corresponding controller action to handle the request. This whole process is called routing.

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02-06-2015 22:23:43

Error handling in mvcjs

Error handling in mvcjs, shows you type errors, syntax errors, basically any error during runtime without stopping server. 
That's makes mvcjs easier in debugging.

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02-06-2015 21:16:04

Clustering node js application with mvcjs and getting ready your app for horizontal scaling.

A single instance of Node runs in a single thread. To take advantage of multi-core systems the user will sometimes want to launch a cluster of Node processes to handle the load. 

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02-06-2015 21:15:20

Mvcjs node.js framework

Fast, TDD driven, opinionated lightweight mvc framework for Node.js , a first Node.js framework with dependency injection!

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